Our Research Capabilities

Rosewood Research has state-of-the-art equipment and research and training facilities, conveniently located at 1 Rivett Road, North Ryde.

Pilot mill

Rosewood Research's commercial scale pilot mill is an ideal training and research facility for both industry and non-industry personnel, with the flexibility to process a wide range of grains.

While most mills around the world are purpose-built to mill a specific product, Rosewood's pilot mill was specifically designed and adapted to provide flexibility in specialist niche processing with the ability to mill rice, durum, wheat, pulses, barley, spelt, maize and other grain and non-grain products. It also has the potential to be used for organic and halal processing. This flexibility allows Rosewood to offer the mill for research and services to a wide range of users, including university institutions and members of the entire grain value chain from breeders to grain growers to bulk handlers and food manufacturers.

Included within the pilot mill is a test milling facility that is capable of evaluating a range of wheat varieties and trialling new grain processing technologies. Rosewood's commercial scale research mill has previously been benchmarked against a number of commercial mills in Australia and has been demonstrated to provide credible commercial milling information.

Key components of the Rosewood Research Mill include:

  • Grain intake equipment including tipping hoppers, bucket elevators, and dust collectors
  • Screen room equipment including milling separator, stoner, indent cylinders, disc separators, magnets, screw conveyors, conditioning equipment and grain bins
  • Mill plant equipment including an abrasive debranner, weighers, flow balancers, pneumatic conveying, cyclones, plan sifter, mini sifter, pin mills, bran finisher, germ aspirator, flour bins, flour mixer and packing equipment.
  • Stand alone vario roll mill and alpine pin mill
  • Laboratory mills including quadromat junior, Buhler Test mill with entoleters and laboratory bran finishers, hammer mills, laboratory flour blenders and grain cleaning equipment.

Access to advanced facilities to enhance and facilitate your research.